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What is Alt Text

Alt text is like a little description for pictures on a website. It’s a short bit of text that tells people who can’t see the picture what’s in it. This helps folks who use screen readers or have trouble seeing to understand what the image is about. Alt text is super helpful for search engines too! They use it to figure out what the picture is, so when someone looks for something similar, they might find that picture. Making sure alt text describes the image well, using simple words, helps everyone understand and makes the website more accessible and easier to find on the internet.

Understanding Alt Text

  • Image Descriptions: Alt Text, short for alternative text, is a brief description added to images in HTML, conveying the image content for users who can’t view the images.
  • Accessibility Aid: It’s essential for screen readers and assists individuals with visual impairments to understand the content.

Why Alt Text Matters: The Big Picture

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Well-crafted Alt Text makes content accessible to all users, including those using screen readers or facing slow internet connections.
  • SEO Enhancement: Alt Text provides context to search engines, improving the likelihood of images appearing in relevant search results.
  • Content Comprehension: It assists users in understanding the visual context of the content, enhancing overall user experience.

The Essence of Alt Text

  • Descriptive and Concise: Alt Text should be descriptive but concise, summarizing the image content in a few words or a short sentence.
  • Relevance to Image: Ensure the Alt Text accurately represents the image content and contextually relates to the surrounding content.
  • Keyword Inclusion: Incorporating relevant keywords into Alt Text can improve its relevance to the overall content and boost SEO.


1.Is Alt Text necessary for decorative images?

For purely decorative images that don’t convey information, use empty Alt Text. However, if the image serves a purpose, descriptive Alt Text is essential.

  1. How long should Alt Text be?

Aim for Alt Text that is concise, typically around 125 characters or less, conveying the image’s essence without being overly verbose.

  1. Can Alt Text impact SEO for images?

Yes, descriptive Alt Text helps search engines understand the image content, increasing the likelihood of images appearing in relevant search results.

  1. Should Alt Text only describe the image, or can it include context?

Alt Text should primarily describe the image but can include context relevant to the surrounding content, aiding in understanding for all users.

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