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The Client acknowledges that each package has specific server resource limitations and agrees to use the Services within those parameters. We strive to provide the highest possible service availability, however, due to the nature of web hosting, occasional downtime may occur. We shall not be liable for any claims of damage or loss due to service unavailability.

The quality, security, and support of business email accounts are dependent on the server package chosen. we are not responsible for email delivery issues caused by client-side misconfiguration or use of third-party email services.


Basic Server: (By default, It Includes with your AMC)

  • Shared Web Server
  • no guaranteed backup service.
  • Limited server resources
  • Shared environment.
  • 5 GB Website Storage
  • No Free Email Accounts

Standard Server: (Extra Rs.1000 / Year)

  • Cloud shared server,
  • Yearly Website Backup
  • 10 GB SSD Website Storage
  • 5 GB Email Storage for Each Email account
  • 2 Free Business Email Accounts
  • Higher server resources compared to the Basic Package.

Business Server: (Extra Rs.5000 / year)

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS),
  • Monthly or weekly Backup options,
  • Tailored Resources for website Needs.
  • 50 GB NVMe SSD Website Storage*
  • 5 Free Business Email Accounts
  • 5 GB Email Storage for Each Email account

Premium Server: (Extra Rs.1000 / month or 10,000 / year)

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS),
  • Advanced security,
  • Daily Backups,
  • High-speed website Loading.
  • 100 GB NVMe SSD Website Storage*
  • 10 Free Business Email Accounts
  • 10 GB Email Storage for Each Email account

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