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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Vs Paid Report ?

A Free Audit Report Provides a Summary of all of your Website’s Pages/URLs.

Paid Audit: We will offer your full SEO & Audit Reports

PRO Audit Price: 30 USD or 2,000 INR

Does my website need an SEO Audit?

If you are trying to improve your website’s SEO ranking or want to know what you could be doing better, or just need some advice on other strategies you could be employing, then the short answer is Yes, you most likely need an SEO Audit to ensure you are doing everything possible (and correctly) to ensure a high SEO ranking.

Our SEO Audit Service will help you identify your website’s search engine optimization issues and strengths. As search engine optimization practices continue to evolve and change, your website’s search engine strategy needs to adapt in order to remain competitive in search. No website is ever perfectly optimized and we may open your eyes to issues that you may not have ever considered as being related to your search engine ranking.

What does ithooya's SEO Audit Service include?

Our SEO Audits include a complete analysis of your website (all Pages) as we review all of the factors that contribute to your SEO ranking. Based on our findings, we formulate an action plan for improvement.

Upon completion, you will receive…

  • 10+ page PDF Overview report containing our findings and recommendations.
  • 15+ in-depth Excel Reports for all your site URLs

How often should I get an SEO Audit?

Search engines regularly change their ranking algorithms and your competition is constantly updating their SEO strategies, so it is generally recommended that you audit your SEO every six months.

It would also be smart to do an SEO Audit before and after any major SEO implementation so you can measure its effectiveness.

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How to Pay ?

We will provide our payment links to your Email / Whatsapp Number after we get your “PRO audit” interest.

You can make a payment using Paypal, UPI, or Internet Banking.

Do you need special access to my website?

No, we do not need access to your website. Our SEO Audit process will simply observe the front end of your website.

How long does it take?

It usually takes One to Three working days to complete a Paid SEO Audit.

Free Audit will take 24 Hours.